Meet Our Team


Dimpi trained as a Drama & Movement therapist in 2003, with the Sesame Institute and has been working with young people in special needs schools for the last 18 years. She specialized her work in Sexual Trauma in 2010 and currently works as a therapist, clinical supervisor and trainer. She brings an expansive stillness to her holding. She has a keen intuitive ability to work with the unknown and uses her shamanic orientation to conduct sound journey sessions to individuals and groups with a ritualistic understanding of the cycles of birth and death.


Better known as Raj Sheth established and operated her own dance company from 2004 - 2017. After a successful 14 years in the entertainment industry Raj sought a career change. She currently works as a Lifestyle Pioneer in an elderly care home. She is passionate about how the creative mediums can enhance their participation in their community and their connection to the transpersonal as they near the threshold of life after Earth. Raj is committed to supporting the elderly find meaning of their life journey using different mediums, including exposure to sacred texts and sounds. Raj was nominated as a finalist for the prestigious Brent Pride Awards 2020 and the MMCG Care Awards in 2021, highlighting outstanding excellence within her field of work.


A trainee Psychotherapist, Horacio is also an artist and mystic at heart. He has been delivering Sound Journey ceremonies since 2017, guiding many on their journey towards self-discovery, inner healing and transformation. Working with meditation, silence, sound, and the intuitive instrument of his shamanic heart Horacio channels the medicines of old and new, of shadow and light, welcoming balance and harmony, integral to his spiritual practice.


Asha is a free spirit who has worked in the health industry for the last 16 years, researching natural alternatives to allopathic treatments. Music is a way she understands life, and uses it to ground, uplift and calm her energies. She is keen in sharing the transformative power of sound and music to heal, and repair our wholeness. She uses her deep connection with the natural world as a way to inform her facilitation skills.